Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween: Part II

Ghouls dangling in the wind. 
Spider-festooned cobwebs covering the walls and ceilings. Leering masks, covered in fake blood and guts hanging beside princess fairy costumes... Have you stumbled into a psychotic killer’s lair? 
No, just your average trip to your local grocery store during Halloween! 
An increasingly popular holiday, Halloween is far from an uplifting and moral holiday. It is an ancient tradition that goes back to the druids, full of evil and Satanic worship. Demons gain power during this time of year as death and terror are sold in stores, theaters and haunted mansions all across the country.
A genre that is becoming increasingly popular, supernatural-themed movies have raked in billions of consumer dollars in the movie theaters. This year, several occult-themed movies have been released just in time for the Devil’s favorite holiday. The Ouija Movie and Annabelle are just a few of the movies that you can take your child to see to have the crap scared out of you and them. As warriors in spiritual warfare and deliverance, Tess, Savannah and I have a unique perspective. Because of our experience with the real supernatural, we view things like books, movies, TV shows, and games through what we know of the dark side of the supernatural.                                          

Demons are real, and very evil. They feed off humanity and they look for ways to get into people’s lives. One way that the devil can gain a legal right to attack you is through terror and fear. And movies like, The Ouija Movie and Annabelle are just the type of fodder that Satan needs. 

The Ouija Movie is the story of what happens to some clueless teenagers when they mess around with Ouija Boards. While the movie might have taken the concept to the extreme, people really do communicate with “spirits” when they use Ouija Boards, they just don't realize that the “spirits” are demons. If you use a Ouija Board, you are opening yourself up to demonic forces and the movie should be viewed as a cautionary tale. Maybe it’s not so far out there after all.
Annabelle is the story of a harmless-looking doll that brings terror and death to an expectant couple. They purchase the doll and bring it home, and things just go downhill from there. Sometimes people’s homes are haunted by demonic forces and oftentimes the demons are linked to specific objects. Annabelle, while terrifying, does get a couple of things right.
A tip from the exorcists: stay away from these movies and ones like it. 
You don’t want to put those ideas into your mind, and if you are a fearful person, this can open up the door to demonic possession. These movies also have nuggets of truth to them, and they are dangerous. Lastly, nothing about these movies is glorifying to God. There is no higher purpose or lesson to be learned here, it is just terror for terror’s sake. 
Stay safe this Halloween and watch out for ways that the devil can exploit this evil holiday.

In Christ,
The Teenage Exorcists

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